the incredible miranda regime

by Miranda

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released September 1, 2008

kevin auld | vocals, guitar
martin lehmann | trumpet
norbert salih | trombone
benedikt rauch | guitar
robin auld | bass
severin rauch | drums

Recorded and mixed by Rick Robin at Lindwurmstudios 2006-2008
Music by Miranda
Lyrics by Kevin Auld (2/6/7) and Benedikt Rauch (3/4/5/8/9/10/11/13)
Artwork by Tobias Aigner

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Miranda München, Germany

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Track Name: Mind Games
I peel off my face
When my shame meets disgrace
In a conscience so frail
I suck in my senses
And sink in expenses the soul cannot pay

I'm free to be lost and lonely
Don't stop me
I'm free to see you're lost and lonely
I break

Quench my thirst
I'm thirsty for some bitter wine
As it fills my veins I drown the pain
Give me food
I'm hungry for some gory flesh
Kill it and serve fresh and dish it up in blood

Wait a second
Wait a minute
Wait an hour
Wait for hours
Wait a day - a lifetime - for life signs

Take me over the ocean
Mix me a magic potion
Drive me 'round and 'round the bend
Write me letter in French
I'd like to be in your head
Instead I'm tangled in mind games
Twisted in mind games
Track Name: Seven Days
Now I see seven days were not enough.

My son said: "Father, don't you get me wrong.
They would have been better off
If you had rested already on the sixth day.

But I don't care: this is your work
And they say that you said it was good."

I don't care if you believe in me.
I don't care if you believe in love.
But I'm afraid that I won't do
What you are praying for.

And I don't care if it's my work, my son.
Once I thought that it was good.
Track Name: Pearl Of Sweat
Luring in the corner of my eye
I will not turn my head
I won't give in
I'm in the middle of a conversation
With myself
She walks by dancing
My mind wanes

Dancing, she is floating in the air
Arms and neck magic and magnetic
Hips swing round enchanting
Make my mouth dry
As she winds her way past me
I catch her scent

I smell a pearl of sweat
Sliding down her neck

Slipping down under her shirt
Sliding down beneath her skirt
Evaporating in her heat
Condensing in her panties' seat
Slowly rolling down her thigh
Looking back and say goodbye
Is this yearning an eternal flame?
Track Name: Last Night
Last night I was dreaming of fairy-tale stories
When an angel woke me
How come I feel guilty
That you've given me your heart?
Did I steel it heartlessly?
And I was so happy, so lucky to hold her in my arms
To be embraced so soothingly

I knew I would never be the same
Once I capture her expression
Can't head back from where I came
I'm walking in her lane to heaven
As the skies unfold
We invoke spirits that sweeten our senses

Wake me up again my angel
I'll worship you as long as you don't fly away

You cursed, you betrayed
You took her love for granted
Once you faced the consequences you cried
And now you're hurt, you realise:
Love won't come easily
Track Name: Hate My Mailbox
Tell all my friends I won't be home
When tomorrow comes
I'll leave my mailbox on
Catch you later - Speak after the tone

I don't believe in you and I don't care for you
Secretly, I caress fantasies of bitterness

Your smile's so fake
I think I have lost my faith
Your eyes reveal
A truth that affirms my hate

A fortress of hate is my hiding place
The walls are high
If you climb them you'll fall
The doors are locked
And the keys were destroyed
Attempting to knock is like touching the void

When you rise I'll drag you down again
When you laugh I'll make you cry again
I'll drag you down again
I'll make you cry again

I can't breathe
Track Name: No Comfort For The Lovelorn
Johnny had spent some time reflecting
How to flavour contentedness with felicity.
From time to time he caught himself neglecting
His needs for security and simplicity.
Mary had made up her mind
Not to get married to the man she left behind.
When she met Johnny at the glass bead game,
She was sure she would take her time.

Then she said: "I think we can
Spend our lives together 'cause
We like the same cars though
Both of us think that emissions destroy the world."
Johnny leant back and gauged her love.
Though he was enchanted and grateful -
When he got off the train.
He was sure that he didn't love her.

Mary keeps dancing
On the brink of madness, alone in her room.
How can it be that he is not bound
By the spell of the powers which whirl her around?
Johnny's advancing
From his sympathetic sadness in his flattered bloom
To the terror of grasping that he's never felt
Anything coming close to the love
That he has turned away.

Charly left Anna out of pure curiosity
For anything except her generosity.
He kept his eyes skinned for someone cooler and wittier
Or maybe for someone hotter and prettier.
Anna was shocked for a while
But soon she took up with her single lifestyle.
So when Charly returned full of remorse
His speech was designed to display all his empathy.

Then he said: "Listen, I think we should
Spend our lives together 'cause
I don't fear anything
And you're always nervous about
What will come, what will be."
Anna could not hold back her tears.
Though she craved being told she was wonderful -
Now that she'd spent some time without him
She was sure that she did not love him.

Now Charly ponders
On his fateful instincts, which took him too long
To see that it is only her
Who can make his life free
From repeated and woeful despair.
Anna's mind wanders
From her sympathetic sadness in her flattering song
To the horror of grasping that she'll never feel
Anything coming close to the love
That she has turned away.

This is no comfort for the lovelorn.
Track Name: Russian Writers
You failed your final exam.
What's worse is that you never knew
Why on earth you put yourself in
For calculating the bimbambim.

Read the Russian writers
Write an ancient poem
Ride the Transsib railway
Rail against your doom
One more cup of coffee
On the sunny side of the moon
Then you must leave your lingering lovers
And rage against your doom.

You lost your beautiful smile.
What's worse is you don't miss her much.
You never felt warmly about
Her imperfections and different views.

I was so sure
That our chauffeur was a celebrity
Who had fallen from grace.
My golden hair streams out in the wind,
Keeps my eyes from drowning
In a gorgeous late-afternoon sun.

We ride downhill to the sea.
The sailors are busy
But they take it easy.
Why should they not?
Why should they not?
Tin soldiers in the waves.
I'd better fasten my seatbelts.
When I told you my dream,
I was not sure anymore.
Track Name: Red And Orange
Red and orange
Yellow and green
West Pacific ocean blue
Purple too
I can't take my eyes from you

Red and orange
Yellow and green
Eastern Andaman Sea blue
Purple too

Sun sparks fly from silver blue
Amber flames are mending my heart
I've fallen for your eyes

Red and orange
Yellow and green
Northern Aegean Sea blue
Purple too
I will stay with you

When I feel you lying next to me
I lie there awake
But I would rather give up sleeping at all
Than be without you at my side

Stay with me
Come with me
To a southern blue-green sea
Stay with me
Until we get married
And a whole lot longer

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